The government funding has pre-empted the…

The government funding has pre-empted the announcement of the opposition Labor Party’s science and technology policy which strongly favours the support of industry, particularly high technology.
It names 16 “sunrise” industries for support including biotechnology, computer technology and robotics, industrial ceramics and solar technology.
It also includes measures to free venture capital, boost industrial and basic research funding reduce foreign ownership of technology and an increase in finding for Antarctica of 300 per cent.
It now seems certain that, whichever party comes to power on 5 March and the latest funding measures will be upheld.
But one issue that can be expected to divide the parties in the final weeks is whether the controversial Franklin dam in Tasmania should go ahead. French greens fall out over local polls
Anna Lubinska
Hopes that the French “greens” would follow in the footsteps of their German counterparts by forming a unified Green Party, have been dashed by a melange of ideological impasses, personal bitterness and struggles for power among the three movements involved. Their chances of success in the French local elections on March 6 are dashed.
It now seems likely that a “joint list” of green candidates for local government posts will only be submitted in the Paris region, and the Alsace, An agreement reached in October 1982 that would have linked the Amis De La Terre (AT) and the Confederation Ecologiste and the Mouvement D’Ecologie Politique (Now VPE) disintegrated last month when it became clear that the VPE wanted to have a dominant say over its two partners.
In an exchange of letters in January and tensions rose so high that the leaders of the two sides are no longer talking to each other. The VPE insisted that the AT cease separate political activity altogether.
It wanted the new structure to be a financially independent party with exclusive political loyalty from its members.
The AT, on the other hand, wanted the groups to continue as an association with individual members of each group able to join the new party if they wished.
Meanwhile the third movement and the Confederation, which represents regional associations, wanted grassroots control of the party and opposed the idea of a national executive, favoured by the other two.
The VPE, headed by Solange Fernex, also wants the funds left over from the Presidential campaign of Bruce Lalonde, one of the AT’s leading lights and to go into a common kitty and rather than being set aside for a future bid for power by Lalonde ” perhaps in the European parliament elections in 1984.
Despite regular clashes between the leading figures in AT and VPE, Lalonde and Fernex, Lalonde is keeping a low profile. He has much to gain.
Many expect him to emerge from the rubble as the undisputed leader of the French greens. Speaking satellite
A VOICE synthesiser aboard a British educational satellite is ready to send messages to schools, engineers at the University of Surrey announced this week.
The engineers built the craft, UOSAT and to relay information between radio amateurs and to make science lessons more interesting.
From Saturday and schools ” and anyone else with a cheap radio receiver ” can “listen in” to the satellite, which broadcasts data about the electronics on the craft with a voice synthesiser that has a vocabulary of 150 words.
The satellite passes over Britain every’ afternoon and the transmission frequency is 145.825 MHz.
For the exact times when the synthesiser is switched on (normally this will be only at weekends) space buffs can telephone 0483 61202. The arms race: is it just a mistake?
Conventional game theory shows clearly why East and West compete to out-gun each other.
Hypergames analysis explains why they do this even though both sides say they would prefer peaceful coexistence P. G. Bennett and M. R. Dando

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